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November 4, 2009

Sierra and the case of the uncomfortable pillow

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dsc_7289One of our dogs, Darwin, likes sleeping on the floor.  He’ll occasionally sleep on the couch or on his dog bed, but then he gets too hot and moves to the floor.  The other dog, Sierra (named after either the Sierra Nevada Mountains as beautifully described by John Muir or the brewery named after the same mountains, depending on whom you ask), doesn’t get so hot and prefers sleeping on pillows or couches… my spot in the bed if I’m not currently occupying it, etc.  One of her sleeping spots is on an old pillow in the bedroom.  But apparently, it’s not always that comfortable.  When we went to bed last night, this was the scene that greeted us.

I love my dogs.  I love my dogs.  Om mani padme hum.  I love my dogs.

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