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November 3, 2009


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For a guy who uses computers as much as I do, you would think that I would have better machines at home.  But really, no.  Our last desktop was eight years old before we replaced it.  My laptop was an old Thinkpad X31 – maybe six or seven years old.  So, for a combination birthday/Christmas present, I got a new (sort of) laptop.  I picked up a refurbished thinkpad X200s from the Lenovo outlet.  So far it’s a nice machine: good processor, lots of high speed memory, and a big LED backlit screen.  Lenovo sent me notice that they were shipping the laptop today and the next thing I knew, it arrived at the office.  The advantages of working 5 miles from the outlet.  The only problem is that they didn’t ship all of the parts.  I’ve contacted them and they’ll send the dock/dvd.

When I got the machine home, I spent about a minute trying to decide if I would keep a partition with Windows on it.  But then I remembered that I don’t play video games, so I didn’t really need Vista.  I’ve installed Fedora 11 and moved all my files.


  1. I find that a lot of folks that work in IT, especially those with linux tendencies tend to have old hardware at home. You get all the sexy hardware at work, so you don’t feel that need at home. Also, you spend so much time at work making computers work, you’d rather just have an old reliable machine at home. Of course if you’re a gamer, that changes things completely.

    I tend to only upgrade home machines when they’re falling apart, and then I usually replace them with hand-me-downs that friends think are too long in the tooth for them.

    Comment by Jag — November 4, 2009 @ 8:43 am

  2. That’s it exactly

    Comment by cec — November 4, 2009 @ 9:05 am

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