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July 20, 2009

the importance of verifying backups

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I was using my personal laptop at a meeting yesterday and grabbed about a gig of files from someone’s usb key.  While I was taking minutes, I noticed a lovely new icon that popped up… your hard disk drive is failing.  Eeek!  Not cool.  So, last night I got home and started backing up my files.  A few of the new files and a couple unimportant old files didn’t transfer properly.   Fine, I could live without them.

Today, I bought a replacement drive.  When I got home, I wanted to record the diffs from last night to today (quite a few since I uncompressed a lot of that gig’s worth of files).  As I started that up, I received a lot of notices about the *backup* disk failing.  I tried fixing it, but no luck.  Found a new backup disk.  Re-backed up 30 gigabytes worth of data.  Verified that and installed the new drive.  Things worked pretty well.  I installed Fedora 11 for the second time in two weeks, restored all my personal files and now I’m updating the system.

I’m just glad I verified the backup prior to doing this – it would have been annoying

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