New guitar

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about getting a new guitar.  I’ve been heading up to High Strung in Durham and have played with maybe a dozen different models, but the one I kept coming back to was a Blueridge BR-243.  It’s got a beautiful sound and it’s very comfortable for me to play.  The body size is “000” as opposed to the more common dreadnought size (like my first guitar) which means it’s easier to get my arms around and the shorter neck makes it easier to reach all of the chords.  The back and sides of the guitar are mahogany

Well, I’ve got a birthday coming up and Christmas is around the corner, so last Friday I went ahead and bought the BR-243 as a combo present.  Unfortunately, High Strung didn’t have the case which fits the guitar in stock, so they gave me a loaner while mine is being ordered.  I believe the case fits a dreadnought sized guitar, so that might give you some sense of the size.  I should also post a picture of my old guitar with the new one.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with the guitar for a few days now and I love it even more now than I did in the store.  I also finally went online to see what other people thought (I didn’t want to overly influence myself 🙂 ) and it got great reviews, particularly for the quality at its price point.  At this point, I think the only problem is that I’m not much in the mood to work – I would rather go home and practice the guitar 😀

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