Go vote!

I headed over to the polling place to vote this morning.  As of 8:30am or so, there were no lines at our precinct.  But then, that’s not too surprising for a small precinct in a non-populous county.  Chronological observations:

  • There were a fair number of cars parked at the polling place.  I took one of only about 4 or 5 free spots
  • The Obama people were prepared for the rain – they had decent sized open sided tents set up to stand under while handing out literature and talking to voters
  • There were about 10-15 people voting when I arrived
  • The elections officials were prepared for crowds.  Instead of the usual split of the alphabet into 3 or 4 lines, I think there were 6.  They also seemed to have extra help on hand, including some high school students.
  • The folks handing out the ballots mentioned that polling had been steady so far.
  • When I left around 8:45/8:50, I was only the 161st voter 🙂

I suspect that across NC, things will be similar.  We had such a huge number of people cast ballots early (some 35-40% of all registered voters) that I would imagine we won’t have too many problems with lines, etc.

Here’s hoping.

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