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October 15, 2008

Too good to last

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It’s been a while since we’ve had plumbing issues.  Okay, sure, we replaced the RO faucet in the kitchen six months ago, but other than that…

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that yet another water oriented appliance has broken down.  This time it’s the water softener, again.  When we first moved into the house, five years ago, the water softener didn’t seem to work.  The first problem was a salt bridge that kept it from operating correctly.  Once we figured that one out, it was easy enough to fix.  Then a year or so later, the tank filled up and wouldn’t drain.  That one turned out to be the venturi gasket – part of a clever device that uses pressure differentials to move water around.  That one was a bit more annoying since you can’t just order the 1.5″ gasket, you have to replace both the nozzle and gasket which costs about $20 + shipping.

This time, the softener is again not draining.  I’m guessing it’s the venturi gasket – if not, then it’s another gasket in the system.  Part of my hopes it’s the venturi since that seems most likely, is the easiest to replace and will therefore be the first thing I try.  But another part of me is annoyed that the thing hasn’t lasted 4 years.  Am I going to have to replace the gasket every four years?  The softener isn’t that old – maybe seven years?  Of course, if it is that old then the first gasket only lasted 3, maybe 3.5, years.  So I guess get almost 4 years out of the new one wouldn’t be that surprising.

Hopefully the gasket will fix it.  I


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