Baton Rouge – good news, bad news

So, one more update on Gustav in Baton Rouge and then I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled odd musings, rants and wildlife pictures.

First, the good news – I got a text message from my mother last week.  They got power back!  Only 10 days without power.  I suppose that’s not too bad.  No word from K’s parents, but they had moved into K’s sister’s condo that did have power, so I’m guessing they’re still there.

The bad news is that my parent’s 100+ year old pecan tree that was struck by lightening a few years ago (and dying) just couldn’t take the hurricane.  Too much concern that the root structure was loose and that it was going to fall on a house and completely crush it.  So, they had to have it taken down.  Three nice sized pecan trees in my parent’s yard – all gone, along with most of the limbs on an old magnolia and their Japanese magnolia.  🙁

The ironic news is that even though I knew they had power, I couldn’t get in touch with them on Monday to wish my father a happy birthday.  So last night, I called my mom’s cell which was answered by my dad.  Odd, but okay.  I wished him a happy birthday and told him that I was sorry that I couldn’t reach him the day before.  It turns out that I couldn’t reach him because their power was out again.  Apparently the tree service accidentally dropped a limb on the power lines and took out power for them and the 3 or 4 nearest houses.

Somehow I’m imagining that a self-inflicted power outage is not going to be too high on the power company’s list of priorities.  Fortunately, they are down to a manageable number of outages in Baton Rouge, so even with the majority of the power assistance now going to Houston/Galveston for Ike, my parents might still get power back soon.

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  1. bryn said,

    September 21, 2008 @ 5:18 pm

    We were talking about the neighbourhood at breakfast this morning – some houses on Centenary still don’t have power, and plenty still have trees in them.
    Someone I know from the Governor’s Program works for a disaster recovery company and was talking about how it can take longer to finish working on the last 20% of power outages than it did to fix the first 80% of problems.

    I’m sorry to hear about those trees, though. They were a significant feature of your folks’ yard.

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