Roof replacement

We moved into our current house a little over four years ago (already?!). Over the past few years, we’ve found that the people who built it made some interesting choices. Some things were done very nicely and they cheaped out on other things. One of the places they cheaped out was the roof. It wasn’t bad enough to force them to replace it when we moved in, but we did have to get them to do some minor work. Since then I’ve had to go up there a few times a year and add some roofing tar or replace a vent boot. We’ve known that we’ll have to replace it some day for a couple of years now.

Well, some day is finally here. I guess we could patch it for another few years, but with my vacation payout from the last job and our tax refund, we had the money to do the replacement now. Looking at the different options, we were really hoping to go with a standing seam metal roof. It’s much more energy efficient and will probably not need replacing for quite some time.

We got some quotes and found that the roofers in the area are struggling due to the drought and one was willing to give us a great price (~22% below their normal cost and almost 40% below their competitor’s). I told them on Tuesday that we accepted their bid. Their started tear off today. So far, so good. Hopefully, by late next week, they’ll be done and we’ll have an Energy Star compliant metal roof in “aged copper.” (note: I think the color is less blue and more green than what that link seems to indicate)

I’ll post pictures later.

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