WordPress title plugin

One of the things I dislike about blogs (and actually most webpages) is that the static content is formatted very nicely using different fonts, etc., but the dynamic content is all pure text.  And since there are only a few fonts you will find on every computer, the text all looks pretty much the same: sans or serif.  On my own blog, I find that particularly annoying.  I’ve got, what I think, is a nice clean looking theme that reminds me of a Victorian-era journal (except perhaps not that fancy).  But all of the titles and dynamic content are plain text.

To fix this, I’ve been experimenting with the creation of a new WordPress plugin.  It’s fairly simple as these things go, but could be pretty nice.  Basically, it hooks into the_title and automatically replaces the text with an image of that text in a font you’ve selected and sets the ALT tag to be the original text (allowing it to degrade cleanly).  Unfortunately, at least with my theme, this screws up a number of things.  So now I’ve made the hook an option and your other choice is to modify the theme itself to call the plugin function where appropriate.  I’ve started modifying my theme along those lines so that all of the titles are rendered in the (free) Renaissance font.

Since the ALT tags are set properly, I don’t think that this will cause any problems.  But if you can think of a good reason why this is dumb, please let me know.

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