Moving day update

The ISP move went reasonably well.  There were a couple of minor glitches.  One was a character set problem when I tried to take the most recent database snapshot from Linksky.  I’m not entirely certain what happened, but I wound up with extra characters after some punctuation marks.  Rather than spend too much time with it, I just grabbed the latest post and dumped it into the Dreamhost site and changed the time.

The other was a cute problem with my email.  I had done a major synchronization between the two mail systems a day or so before, so all I had to do on moving day was a periodic sync of the Inbox.  Unfortunately, in playing on Dreamhost’s control panel, I managed to delete my mailbox.   So I had to do another major synchronization and I lost any mail that arrived on Dreamhost only.  Fortunately, there was only one thing that was important and I could ask the sender to resend.

I think I’m all set now.  We’ll see how things go over the next day or two now that DNS *should* have settled out.

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