What a week

Okay, it’s only Monday, but it’s been about a week since wrote anything here.  In that time:

  • The non-profit I work with and on whose board I serve has gone bat-shit crazy.  They say that academic politics are so petty because the stakes are so small.  Trust me, academic politics haven’t got anything on non-profit politics
  • A friend at the university has announced her resignation to move on to a different job.  This is probably good for her – she’ll be happier, but it means that half the people I know took it hard.
  • I got a call last week from a lawyer representing my old employer, letting me know that I am a witness in a case against them.  Go me!  *grumble*
  • The thing at my new job did go through and I now do people management for six staff members.  Oh, and their performance evaluations were due in November, can we finish those soon?  They’ll be done and signed tomorrow, but what a pain.
  • Finally, I went to (sort of crashed) a holiday party for the school of arts and sciences at my former employer.  That was a lot fun, but odd.  Particularly when I ran into my old boss and then the woman who inherited part of my responsibilities when I left.  Theoretically, she was doing the job until they hired my replacement.  It’s been four months – I don’t think the position’s been posted yet.  Regardless, I talked to a lot of people and confirmed my original statement – the thing I miss most is the people.

Now if I can only get through this week: finish up the last part of a project and put the presentation together, I’ll be in good shape for taking some time off.

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