Calendar update

As I mentioned earlier, I’m printing the Yellowstone calendar using Lulu instead of Kodak.  I got back my sample and all in all, I’m happy with it.  I like that the image is the full size of the page (no border).  The print quality is pretty good – it’s not as good as Kodak’s but that’s not a big surprise.  The paper is also a bit lighter weight than Kodak’s card stock.  But hey, it’s about 45% cheaper!  🙂


  1. etselec said,

    December 3, 2007 @ 9:46 am

    So when are you going to start selling copies to your friends? 🙂

  2. Number 1 Calendar Fan said,

    December 3, 2007 @ 8:27 pm

    So when are you going to mail out the finished project to the ‘promised ones’?

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