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July 4, 2007

Happy July 4th

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I hope everyone had a good 4th of July and if you had the day off, you enjoyed it.

I spent my day doing a little of this and a little of that. I picked up a low water use irrigation system that I’ve run to the flowers and the blueberry bushes. I’ll need a few hundred more feet of pipe to run it out to all of the trees, but this is a good start.

Inspired by hsarik, I made some beer and cheese bread. We used that to make veggie-sausage poboys. That, some onion rings and some fruit made for a great holiday dinner.

Finally, I may have a new favorite song: “Future Soon” by Jonathan Coulton. How can you not like a song featuring love, lasers and robot wars whose chorus contains the lines:

And I won’t always be this way
When the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away

Okay, I’m a bit of a nerd

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