K’s birthday

It was K’s birthday today and I decided to take the day off.  In part, I needed to because I had to work on her present.  It’s hard these days knowing what to get each other.  I could have gotten her jewelry – again.  Instead, I decided to clear out one of the beds that the previous owners had planted (fancy) grass in, and plant flowers instead.  I’ve never been a big flower person, so most of the things I’ve planted have been fruit trees or vegetables or herbs (big basil fan!), but this was for her, so flowers it was.

We went to the nursery on Sunday and then this morning, I cleaned out the bed and arranged and planted the bulbs.  I can’t remember what all we got, but it included Callas, Dallias, Lillies, Columbine and a few other things.

K’s not a big fan of eating out, so I gave her the choice of anything she wanted for dinner.  We wound up with mushroom crepes, rice, lima beans, and for dessert, key lime cheesecake.  The crepes turned out great – for the first time ever, I didn’t screw up the first couple of crepes.  I didn’t have a key lime cheesecake recipe, so I made something up.  The crust is ground, roasted hazelnuts mixed with melted butter and sugar.  The cheesecake itself was fairly standard, cream cheese, eggs, condensed milk, a little extra sugar and key lime juice.  We haven’t eaten it yet, but it seems like it turned out.

K received some, more tangible, presents from family, including jewelry 🙂 .  Overall, it’s been a good day.  Hopefully, the rest of the week will go smoothly as well.


  1. Eunice said,

    March 21, 2007 @ 12:19 am

    hey, that’s a really nice present 🙂 flowers from the guy, but more than just the usual ones– the kind that will bloom again and again, hopefully.

  2. cec said,

    March 21, 2007 @ 7:48 am

    Thanks! I try 🙂

    Hopefully they’ll bloom this year and since they are perennials, come back up next year. We thought about putting in some annuals (instant gratification), but then I would have to replant next year – bah.


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