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February 28, 2007

and people wonder why the change to DST worries me…

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In 2005, congress mandated a change to daylight savings time, essentially, starting it three weeks earlier (March 11th, this year) and ending it three weeks later. Our local paper is requesting suggestions for what people will do with their 22 extra hours of daylight.  Here’s my suggestion:  spend the time fixing all of the computer problems caused by the DST change.

Essentially, a change to DST is very similar to a self-inflicted Y2K problem.  If you want to get a sense of how time/date issues can affect computer systems that aren’t prepared, take a look at this article regarding the new F-22 Raptor and it’s problems with the International Date Line. I wasn’t worried about Y2K because we knew about the issue for years and most modern operating systems and software had already addressed it.  With the DST changes, we haven’t had nearly enough notice or preparation.  Now, I’m not stocking up on canned goods, but I’m pretty certain that March 11th is going to bring about extra work.

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