Tempting fate

So, I’m going to tempt fate here and follow up on a post I made a few weeks ago. Last week, I received the replacement tank for my acid neutralizer. It didn’t look quite like the same tank I had, so I emailed the company. Turns out they had upgraded the tank to the slightly better molded polyglass as opposed to the wrapped resin tank. The big advantage is that the threads are machined, not made by wrapping around a mold.

On Saturday, I installed the tank (see the first picture) and plumbed in a bypass (second picture). I plumbed the tank head backward, like they told me, even through it felt wrong (I need to document that somewhere 🙂 ). So far (knock on wood), it all seems to be working. The tank hasn’t exploded, the water’s pH is up to neutral. I think we may be done!

dsc_0438_m.JPG dsc_0440_m.JPG

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