predictions… “Cyber Monday”

Let me get a prediction in here before the data come out tonight or tomorrow.  “Cyber Monday” will be a disappointment to retailers.  They will do more electronic business than they did last year, but not significantly more than they did last Friday or next Monday.  Any uptick is going to be small and due to people paying extra attention to online sales.

“Cyber Monday” (sorry, I can’t help but put it in quotes) is yet another marketing ploy.  The theory is that when people go back to the office, they’ll use the high-speed connection to shop online.  The problem is that the majority of people who shop online already have a high-speed connection at home.  Add to that the companies that are cracking down on online shopping (and game playing and general web surfing) from the office and I’m guessing that it’ll be a non-event.

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