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June 11, 2007

Weekend cooking

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I made a few things I’ve never made before for dinner last night, including lemon pizza and two kinds of ice cream.

The lemon pizza recipe is from the Wednesday Chef and was mentioned by someone on an IRC channel (etselec? I can’t remember – sorry).  K and I don’t eat salmon roe, so I substituted finely chopped capers.  Overall, it was pretty good, but we didn’t slice the lemons thin enough and they over powered the pizza.  If you’re going to do this, try to get the lemon slices down to about 1mm.

We also made a couple of ice creams.  In general, we like to do different types of ice cream and to try new things.  Strangely enough, we had never made fruit ice creams (chai – yes, cinnamon – yes, fruit – no).  Fortunately, I had picked up a pint of blueberries and a pound of cherries.  So, two different flavors: blueberry and cherry!  They both came out well in their vanilla ice cream base.  Now if I was slightly more adventurous, I would have made the cherry in a chocolate base; and if I was really adventurous, I would have ignored the fruit and made rosemary ice cream as described by a friend last week 🙂

June 3, 2007

Back home

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Sorry I’ve been absent for a bit. I got sick the Sunday before we left on vacation and didn’t even start feeling better until Thursday morning. The we headed out to Yellowstone for two weeks on Saturday.

The vacation was great, although yesterday’s trip home was a nightmare. We got diverted from our connecting airport to Rochester, MN. That meant that we didn’t get to Minneapolis until an hour after our connection was supposed to leave. Fortunately, the connection itself had been diverted to Deluth, so we still beat it by an hour. We did make it home, but rather than the plane landing in NC at 10pm, it didn’t get in until 12:30am. We didn’t get home until after 2am. With getting the dogs from boarding and doing some shopping so that we would be able to eat, I haven’t had a chance to write up much about the vacation.

Fortunately, on the advice of a number of people, I took a digital SLR on the trip this year, so pictures shouldn’t be too long in coming. I just need to get rid of the bad shots and post the good. In the mean time, here’s a nice shot to hold folks over. It’s a pine marten, a relative of the weasel, but darn adorable. We were with a friend who photographs martens (and other wildlife) professionally, and his comment was that this, and a shot he took years ago, are the best marten shots he’s ever seen. 😀


(oh, and for the record, I do want to be Dan Hartman when I grow up 🙂 )

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